19 junho, 2013

Uma abordagem inteligente à Inteligência Emocional

"We live in confusing times. On the one hand, teachers are being exhorted to ‘deliver’ a tightlyprescribed,
one-size-fits-all curriculum, administer pre-packaged tests and rate children and
young people according to levels and grades in prescribed subjects. The emphasis is firmly on the pragmatic, the practical and the measurable. On the other, there is an increasing emphasison the more effective aspects of education, on personal and social  development, on understanding what makes children and young people become effective learners and on
personalising their learning experiences. The emphasis is shifting towards the emotional wellbeing
of individuals and schools, on feelings as well as facts.

Guy Claxton brings to this publication a wealth of experience, knowledge and 
insight. As a psychologist, he informs us of a body of knowledge which should
 not be ignored when considering Emotional Intelligence. As an academic he 
reminds us of the discipline and critical thinking we need to apply when approaching 
a new concept. As a widelyacclaimed and popular author, he brings a style 
of writing which is simultaneously accessible, questioning and, where appropriate, 
 Most important of all, he suggests to readers ways in which an intelligent approach 
to Emotional Intelligence can contribute to the learning environment in schools."

Aqui pode ser descarregado em pdf e guardado para posterior leitura e análise.